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IALLT 2009  Poster Session




Session Title: Gaming in the Foreign Language Classroom: An Annotated Webliography



Program Abstract: This session will provide an overview of resources related to gaming in foreign language education. Computer and video games are becoming useful educational tools; in response to this trend, the presenter has created a wiki for readers interested in gaming in the foreign language classroom. The wiki consists of an annotated webliography of relevant literature, sites, research, teacher-created projects, and games, with a focus on gaming in Russian teaching applications, but with reference to other languages as well. This space will aid foreign language instructors, language center administrators and information technologists as they investigate gaming in the foreign language classroom.



Description of Session: In the session, the presenter will showcase a wiki created as part of a directed study (undertaken for the Computer Assisted Language Learning certificate in the Teaching a Foreign Language – Russian program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies) on gaming and language teaching. The wiki will provide readers interested in the application of video and computer games in the foreign language classroom with an annotated webliography covering relevant literature, web sites, research, teacher-created projects, and games. Foreign language instructors, language center administrators and information technologists will find this wiki a useful central resource when investigating gaming possibilities in foreign language teaching contexts. As the presenter is a graduate student focusing on the teaching of Russian as a foreign language, the wiki will be directed primarily at teachers of that language, but will include reference to research on and examples of gaming applications in a variety of language teaching environments, thus having relevance for all language educators. The session will consist of presentation of the wiki, an overview of the contents, and discussion with conference participants.



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