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Global Simulations

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What is a Global Simulation?


A Global Simulation is a task-based approach to teaching language, developed in France, that places students in the center of the world of the target culture for an extended period of time (usually a semester). Through the use of authentic materials and activities, learners become immersed in the culture virtually. Global Simulations are built around a premise or situation, e.g., living in a U.S. dormitory or working at the Smithsonian museum. Learners complete tasks that may contribute to a final project that wraps up the simulation.



Three key components of a Global Simulation


  • reality of function - students suspend their disbelief and act as though the simulation was real
  • simulated environment - students function realistically, but in an unreal environment
  • structure - students have a series of tasks that become increasingly demanding




Educating Global Citizens through Global Simulation - listen to Beatrice Dupuy at the University of Arizona talk about implementing Global Simulations in Russian and Turkish language classrooms


Global Simulation in Russian - visit the website of the Russian Global Simulation at the University of Arizona


A Global Simulation Intermediate-Advanced Russian Instructor Resource Manual - read a detailed manual about the Global Simulation project at University of Arizona


Le cirque: A Global Simulation - learn about the French Global Simulation at the Language Academy in San Diego


Global Simulation. Project Director: Beatrice Dupuy. Selected Bibliography - investigate academic resources on Global Simulations


The Building: An Adaptation of Francis Debyser's Writing Project. A Global Simulation to Teach Language and Culture - read about the process of designing and implementing a Global Simulation


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