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Second Life

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Virtual Worlds Resources


SLanguages Resources Wiki

     "Virtual World Language Education: Information, publications, presentations, videos, audios, links and much more - all in a wiki."


EDUCAUSE – 7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Worlds

     A virtual world is an immersive online environment whose "residents" are avatars representing individuals who participate through

     the Internet. Many institutions are experimenting with virtual worlds for educational purposes. They may foster constructivist learning

     by placing students in a context that challenges them to learn without explicit learning objectives and assessment.


EDUCAUSE – 7 Things You Should Know About Second Life

     Second Life is a virtual world with tens of millions of square meters of virtual lands, more than 13 million “residents,” and a thriving

     economy. Large numbers of colleges and universities—or, in some cases, individual departments or faculty—are active in Second Life,

     not only for academic purposes but also for campus visits, recruiting activities for prospective students, and fundraising. Second Life

     lets educators easily build and modify learning spaces to test how different strategies for a physical space affect learning, and a

     similar approach can be taken toward educational activities in those spaces.


101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom


Real Learning in a Virtual World


Global Kids Second Life Curriculum


Archive of “Teaching in Second Life” webinar by Peggy Sheehy


Mediating the Tensions of Online Learning with Second Life


Language Learning and Computer Games: From Space Invaders to Second Life


PowerPointing in Second Life? Think Different


EDUCAUSE Review Magazine about Virtual Worlds


Simulations, Games, and LearningSecond Life Video Tutorials/Basics


How do you Get a Second Life? Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) Presentation PDF by Edo Forsythe


SecondRussia – сайт российского сообщества резидентов Second Life


Second Life – Твой мир. Твоё воображение.


Вторая Москва – Virtual Moscow




Unreal World: Second Life Adds New Dimensions to Second Language Study. The Language Educator, ACTFL, February 2008.


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