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The Sims

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Ravi Puroshotma in Language Learning & Technology: You're Not Studying, You're Just...

     Article that talks about how to modify the Sims for language learning. Also discusses as other technological modifications for learning

     a foreign language.


Ravi Purushotma thesis: Language Learning with New Media and Video Games

     "Abstract: In recent years, a sharp increase in the number of academic studies around the use of video games and new media for

     educational purposes has greatly expanded our understanding of their potential for enhancing learning. At the same time, the field of

     foreign language pedagogy has been racing to keep pace with the numerous opportunities afforded by the internet and interactive media

     forms. Surprisingly, however, there has been little cross-over between the two bodies of academic literature. This site seeks to present

     many of the latest theories in game studies and new media literacies alongside theories of language learning. Numerous examples are

     presented of how video games and web applications such as The Sims 2, Grim Fandango, Google Earth, Social Networking, DVD

     functionality and others could shift the way we approach language learning."


Language Games: Les Sims 2

     Lesson plans using the Sims 2 in beginning to advanced French language class

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